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a database of Conformational Diversity of Native State in proteins

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CoDNaS is a protein conformational database based of entire proteins as derived from PDB. For each represented protein, the database contains the redundant collection of all corresponding different structures. These structures represent the solved structure of the same protein under different conditions and can be consequently considered as different instances of the protein dynamism (conformers). As a measure of protein conformational diversity (PCD) we use the CA RMSD obtained comparing all the structures deposited for each protein.

Citing CoDNaS

CoDNaS 2.0: A comprehensive database of protein conformational diversity in the native state.Alexander M. Monzon; Cristian O. Rohr; María Silvina Fornasari; Gustavo Parisi. Database. Oxford Journals. Accepted on March 2016.DOI:10.1093/database/baw038. Pubmed.

CoDNaS: a database of Conformational Diversity in the Native State of proteins. Alexander M. Monzon; Ezequiel Juritz; María Silvina Fornasari; Gustavo Parisi. Bioinformatics. Oxford Journals.Accepted on July 2013.DOI:10.1093/bioinformatics/btt405. Pubmed

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 Latest Release

CoDNaS 2.5 based on PDB date April 27, 2017

Total different proteins chains 21,152
Total protein chains conformations 320,144
Conformers average per protein 15.09
Total PDB structures coverage [%] 73